Founded in 1974 Fondmatic SpA is a market leader specialised in the production of cast components for the plumbing industry. Located at Crevalcore, in the Province of Bologna (Italy), the site extends over a surface area of 50,000 m2 of which 17,000 m2 is covered. The company offers the design, development and marketing of products, which, in compliance with current regulatory standards, represent the most competitive, and effective technological solutions in today's global market.
Fondmatic directly or indirectly supplies the major manufacturers of hydraulic components on the global market. Fondmatic components can be found in agricultural, earthmoving, construction, industrial, and medium / heavy transport machinery made by the world's leading manufacturers.

Apart from its decades of experience, the company's strong points are:
- the high specialisation of R&D staff working in close collaboration with clients
- the equally high level of specialisation of staff employed in the manufacturing division
- a system of quality control (ISO 9001 certification was obtained way back in 1991) and effective and stringent phase controls
- the high degree of automation in hydraulic fusion operations that in most foundries are carried out manually and ensure consistent product quality
- the possibility, upon request, to provide the product complete with relevant precision machining
- full compliance with environmental legislation (ISO 14001 Certification)
- the use of advanced and integrated IT management systems
- client satisfaction

On September 30th 2016 Fonderie di Montorso S.p.A acquired 100% of Fondmatic S.p.A.
Fonderie di Montorso S.p.A, founded in 1962, is specialised in grey iron castings for customers representing the highest standards in each sector, such as hydraulic components, pumps, reducers, automotive and mechanical devices. The factory in Montorso Vicentino has 270 employees and a production capacity of 35000 tons a year.
Fondmatic pays particular attention to client's needs, managing orders with utmost care to guarantee punctual deliveries in Italy and abroad. Fondmatic is structured to manage supply using the most advanced planning and delivery techniques.